Saint Teresa School
1632 Victory Boulevard 
Staten Island, NY 10314

(718)  448-9650 

Monsignor William Belford, Pastor
Mrs. Anna Simione, Principal 

1632 Victory Boulevard  Staten Island, NY 10314



Over 60 years of Academic Excellence, upholding its proud tradition, St. Teresa School continues to offer instruction in major subject areas in accordance with the New York State Standards, and the Archdiocese of New York Essential Learning Standards.  The Archdiocese of New York Essential Learning Standards also includes the Religion Education Guidelines.

All students from Pre-K  through Grade 8 have at least one computer class per week.  During the class period, students learn how to create documents and files, power point, and how to do an internet search.  Computer programs are educational tools used supplement, reinforce or accelerate classroom lessons.  St. Teresa School has a computer lab with state of the art facilities.  Available equipment includes: Internet Access, Global Chalkboard, Presentation Stations, Laptops, Projectors, and Smart Boards. 

Physical Education classes and Music classes are taken by all students Pre-K 4 through Grade 8.

Art classes with and end of the year Art Show involve students from Grade 1 through Grade 8.

Students in grades K-8 take Spanish class every week.

Students have the opportunity to take musical instrument lessons such as violin and guitar.

100% of our graduates are accepted to Catholic High Schools.  Our students have consistently earned over $250,000.00 annually in scholarship money.  Students from St. Teresa have been accepted in private schools such as a Regis High School and public schools such as a Stuyvesant High School, LaGuardia High School, and Staten Island Technical High School.

During scheduled Religion classes students prepare for the sacraments of First Holy Communion, Reconciliation and Confirmation.  Students participate at weekly class Mass and prayer services throughout the year.